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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority's 
Residential Parking Permit portal

From this web portal residents are able to apply for, pay for, and manage their residential parking permits (RPP) without any need to come downtown or mail in documents (though, we still process applications via mail and at our walk-in counter and if you wish to apply this way the mail-in and walk-in form can be found here and must be completed and enclosed with your documents). We encourage you to create an account through this web portal so you can log-in and manage your RPP and visitor's permits at your convenience and from the comfort of your home or office.

For instruction on how to use this web portal, click here or simply click on the "Help" menu item on the left side of the screen at any time. 

For an interactive map of the City's RPP districts, and to determine whether you live in one, please click here.

The cost of the Residential Parking Permit is $20.00 per vehicle per program year and is not pro-rated for mid-year purchases. The cost to purchase an annual Visitor's Parking Pass is $1.00 per address and this is also not pro-rated. Beginning with permits that expire in May of 2017, and moving forward month-to-month after that, the PPA will no longer issue physical permits for RPP or for visitor's passes. All permits will be tracked by license plate number and will be enforced largely by license plate recognition technology. This will help the PPA enforce more efficiently and more often in our residential permit zones, cutting down on illegal parking in these areas and eliminating the possibility of counterfeit and fraudulent permits.

Documents Required with your RPP Application

To apply for a new RPP permit or to renew an RPP permit, residents and businesses must show:
  1. Proof of residency (or in the case of a business, occupancy) within a permit zone;
  2. Proof of vehicle registration, and;
  3. A current and valid driver's license. 
Please note that some eligibility restrictions do apply, please click here fore more details. All of these documents may be uploaded into this web portal for review by PPA staff before a permit is issued. Details about what documents are acceptable to meet these requirements, and how to respond to these document requests in special circumstances, are found below.

Proof of Residency (Only one option of residency proof is required):
  1. Current rental lease with name and address on it (including unit/apt. number if applicable) and signature of you and property owner. Lease must be legible and in good order. No altered leases will be accepted. No year-to-year leases will be accepted unless they have a addendum indicating that the lease is currently in effect signed by the lessor and lessee.
  2. Current utility bill with your name and address on it (with payment tab attached). Online printable or viewable bill from your utility company is also acceptable. Full name and address must appear. The service address on the bill must match the address where you are applying for an RPP permit. Water, sewer or cell phone bills will not be accepted.
  3. If you sublease, you need a notarized letter from the property owner/ landlord or a sublease agreement. This document must state that you live there and for how long and who you are subleasing from. If the sublease does not involve the property owner, the agreement must be notarized.
  4. In the case of a business permit, this form must be signed and notarized by you and the business owner.
Proof of Vehicle Registration (Vehicle titles will not be accepted):
  1. Out of state vehicle registration is accepted.
  2. A current temporary vehicle registration or pink slip will be accepted for newly purchased vehicles.
  3. Current vehicle registration; vehicle must be registered in your name or a relatives with the same last name.
  4. A notarized form (found here) will be required if the last name on the vehicle registration is not in your last name.
  5. A notarized form (found here) will be required if the vehicle is registered in a business or company name. 
  6. A notarized form (found here) will be required if the vehicle's gross weight is over 6,000 lbs
  7. Notarized letters must come from the person or company that the vehicle is registered too. The notarized letter must state your name, relationship to vehicle owner and vehicle information, and it must state that you have exclusive use of the vehicle and why.
Drivers License, must be current and valid:
  1. Current and valid drivers license or learners permit.
  2. Current out of state drivers license is acceptable.
  3. Current and valid state issued ID card is accepted only if a visitor's pass is being purchased.
Payment Options for mail in and walk in only:
  1. If you walk into the office we accept checks, money orders, cash, Visa or MasterCard. The PPA cannot accept a credit card for a transaction of $1.00 or less.
  2. If you mail into our office we accept checks or money orders. Please do not send cash through the mail.
A notarized letter may be required if one or more of the following applies to you:
  1. The vehicle's registration is not in your name, or is not registered to someone with the same last name as you (both are acceptable).
  2. Vehicles with the gross weight of 6,000 lbs or greater.
  3. Vehicle is registered to a business or company, but you use it as a personal vehicle.
  4. A business gives an employee the rights to their business RPP permit.
  5. Additional situations may require a notarized letter as well and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.