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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority's 
Residential Parking Permit portal

From this web portal, residents are able to apply for, pay for, and manage their residential parking permits (RPP) without any need to come downtown or mail in documents. We still process applications via mail for residents who do not use email and at our walk-in counter. Those residents can use the mail-in and walk-in form. Our walk-in counter is OPEN to the public!

For instructions on how to use this web portal, click here or simply click on the "Help" menu item on the left side of the screen at any time. 

For an interactive map of the City's RPP districts, and to determine whether you live in one, please click here.

The cost of the Residential Parking Permit is $20.00 per vehicle per program year and is not pro-rated for mid-year purchases. The cost to purchase an annual Visitor Parking Pass is $1.00 per address and is not pro-rated. There is a $3 processing fee for credit card purchases.

The PPA no longer issues physical permits for RPP permits or visitor passes. 

Due to COVID-19 related furloughs, permit processing time is about seven business days. During heavy permitting times in August and September it may take up to four business days to review permit applications. Please allow us time to review your permit before you reach out to the office to inquire about your application's status.

Parking Enforcement will adjust assignments so individuals are not cited while their information is in review. Please make sure that you get your information updated before your permit expires. If you feel that you received a ticket in error, please follow the instructions on the back of the ticket to appeal.

All permits are tracked by license plate number and enforced largely by license plate recognition technology. This process helps the PPA enforce more efficiently and more often in our residential permit zones, cutting down on illegal parking in these areas and eliminating the possibility of counterfeit and fraudulent permits.

Documents Required with your RPP Application

To apply for a new RPP permit or to renew an RPP permit, residents and businesses must show:
  1. Proof of residency (or in the case of a business, occupancy) within a permit zone;
  2. Proof of vehicle registration, and;
  3. A current and valid driver's license

Screenshots and electronic versions of documents are accepted. Please make sure names, dates, addresses, and plate numbers are clearly readable in the images before you submit them.

  • Proof of Residency (Only one option of residency proof is required): 
    • Current rental lease, including:
      • Applicant's name
      • Property address where applicant is applying for the permit (including apartment or unit number)
      • Start and end term dates of the lease
        • An addendum or renewal form will be accepted with the new term dates and signatures of the applicant and the landlord
      • Signatures of the applicant and landlord
Please note: No altered leases will be accepted. You do not have to submit the entire lease, only pages with relevant information.
    • Current utility bill:
      • The bill must include the applicant's name and property address where applicant is applying for the permit.
      • You must upload the full page version of the bill, with the payment tab attached. Screenshots and electronic versions are accepted. The billing and service addresses must match.
      • The service address must match the address where you are applying for an RPP permit.
      • Water (PWSA/PGH20), sewer, or cell phone bills will not be accepted.
      • Mortgage documents or mortgage insurance documents are not accepted as they prove ownership, but not residency.
    •  Sublease:
      • You must submit a notarized letter from the property owner/ landlord or a sublease agreement. This document must state that you live there and for how long and who you are subleasing from.
      • If the sublease does not involve the property owner, the agreement must be notarized.
    • Business Permits:
      • This form must be signed and notarized by you and the business owner, in addition to the lease or utility bill.
  • Proof of Vehicle Registration
    • Current vehicle registration card (View a PA registration card)
      • Vehicle titles, registration receipts, and auto insurance documents are not accepted.
      • The vehicle must be registered in the name of the applicant or an immediate relative with the same last name.
        • A notarized form will be required if the last name on the registration does not match the applicant's last name. The vehicle must be registered to an immediate family member [(step) parent, (step) sibling, or grandparent].
      • Registrations from outside of Pennsylvania are accepted.
      • We accept current temporary vehicle registrations. Pennsylvania temporary vehicle registrations, commonly known as pink slips, are valid for 90 days after purchase of the vehicle.
      • A notarized form will be required if the vehicle is registered in a business or company name.
      • A notarized form will be required if the vehicle's gross weight is over 6,000 lbs.
  • Driver's License
    • Current and valid driver's license or learner's permit (front side only)
    • Current out of state driver's license is acceptable.
    • Current and valid state issued ID card is accepted if an applicant is only purchasing a visitor's pass
Please note: Only the front side of the driver's license needs to be submitted.

Payment Options for mail in and walk in only:
  1. If you walk into the office we accept checks, money orders, cash, Visa or MasterCard. The PPA cannot accept a credit card for a transaction of $1.00 or less.
  2. If you mail into our office we accept checks or money orders. Please do not send cash through the mail.